A synthesis for everyone: 5 years of work in Romania
After five years of work in Southern Transylvania, the Sustainable Landscapes in Romania project has now officially finished.
Getting at resilience from a network governance perspective
Can the resilience of place-based social-ecological systems (SES) in isolated geographies be measured, and at what governance scale should communities and regions be governed for high resilience?
New members of the PECS Scientific Committee
We welcome three new members of the PECS Scientific Committee.
Reflections from the PECS 2015 conference
This blog post was orginally posted on the Future Earth website, here.
Seeds of Good Anthropocenes - update
This is a short summary of longer post that was originally published at
PECS2015 conference keynote speaker videos
Here are videos of the keynote speakers, from the PECS2015 conference. Unfortunately the presentation by Steve Carpenter is not available due to a corrupt file.
PECS 2015 conference a resounding success
PECS 2015 gathered 230 people from 23 countries, from within and beyond the PECS network, who shared cutting-edge research insights on social-ecological dynamics in the Anthropocene.
2015 PECS conference - Social-ecological dynamics in the Anthropocene
The conference starts tomorrow. The Full Programme is available here
Gathering visions of “Good Anthropocenes”
We are currently building a database of diverse visions of alternate, positive futures - that we call "seeds". We want to gather seeds from a large diversity of people, disciplines and regions, and we hope you will help us!
Drivers of Disease leads high-level One Health symposium
A high-level symposium, ‘One Health in the Real Word: zoonoses, ecosystems and wellbeing’, is being co-organised by the ESPA -funded Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa Consortium .


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The Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS), is a core project of Future Earth. It aims to integrate research on the stewardship of social–ecological system and the relationships among natural capital, human wellbeing, livelihoods, inequality and poverty.