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The complex TERRain and ECOlogical heterogeneity project (TERRECO) is a Korean and German university graduate training program, which has a social-ecological systems approach. It will utilize field studies, interviews, remote sensing and models to quantify the social-ecological-system of the Soyang Watershed and the Haen-myun Catchment in South Korea.

Key features

TERRECO focuses on the modeling of ecosystem services under future scenarios and is a joint effort in ecology, biogeochemistry, hydrology, simulation modeling, economics and social behavior. It will include initiatives to establish permanent doctoral training in “transdisciplinary environmental problem solving and will train future natural resource managers in transdisciplinary methods with a focus on economic valuations of ecosystem services. Scenario studies, with respect to likely shifts in climate, land-use and social response to global change, will permit “visioneering” or evaluation of preferred alternatives in future land use. Decision-makers in the Soyang Watershed will be involved and provided with input from the scenario studies.

Led by

Profs. John Tenhunen and Bernd Huwe (University of Bayreuth Center of Ecosystem and Environmental Research (BayCEER), Germany) and Profs. Bomchul Kim and Sinkyu Kang (Department of Environmental Science, Kangwon National University, Republic of Korea)

Additional Partners

Institute of Meterology and Climate Research (KIT-Garmisch), Leibniz Centre for Agricultural and Landscape Research (ZALF), Hanns Seidel Foundation (Seoul Office)

Chonnam National University (Gwangju), Ewha Womans University (Seoul), Hanshin University (Osan City), Jeju National University (Jeju City), Konkuk University (Seoul), Korean Forest Research Institute (KFRI), Seoul National University (Seoul)


John Tenhunen (email)

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PECS - Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society

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The Programme on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS), is a core project of Future Earth. It aims to integrate research on the stewardship of social–ecological system and the relationships among natural capital, human wellbeing, livelihoods, inequality and poverty.