Due to health reasons, our co-chair of the Scientific Committee, Berta Martín-López has stepped down. Berta joined PECS many years ago and became our co-chair in 2019. Berta will continue to serve on the Scientific Committee and remains in touch with us. We wish her health and speedy recovery.

We are proud and thankful to announce that Elena Bennett, who has been a pivotal member of PECS since its inception, has agreed to serve as the new co-chair of PECS. Elena is a Professor in the Department of Natural Sciences and McGill School of the Environment, McGill University.

Berta Martín-López (left) and Elena Bennett (right)

Elena is also involved in ResNet, which  is an interdisciplinary group of researchers working on ecosystem services, including internationally recognized researchers with expertise in ecology, economics, natural resource management, social-ecological governance, system resilience, statistics, and modelling, and with deep knowledge of many important resource landscapes across Canada. ResNet is one of the PECS networks.

Text by Amanda Manyani/Odirilwe Selomane