WEBINAR: Institutional Grammar with Saba Siddiki

On Wednesday, the 27th of October 2021, the PECS working group on collaborative governance and management hosted another webinar: Michael Schoon invited Saba Siddiki to present on Evolving Institutional Analysis Methods for Studying Environmental Governance

Central to understanding environmental governance is the ability to rigorously and reliably study the design of institutions used by communities to address environmental dilemmas. Scholars have engaged a variety of methods toward deciphering the designs and performance of environmental institutions. Advancements in institutional analysis methods are opening the door to new possibilities for investigating the design of institutions engaged in environmental governance. In this presentation, I will discuss how one particular institutional analysis method of growing prominence called the Institutional Grammar, and recent developments relating thereto, can advance understanding of environmental institutions.

Saba Siddiki is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs at Syracuse University. Her research focuses on policy design, collaborative policymaking, and policy drivers of technology adoption. She is also engaged in the development of institutional analysis theory and methods, and currently directs an international, interdisciplinary research organization called the Institutional Grammar Research Initiative that is specifically focused on these aims. Most of Saba’s research is conducted  in the domains of environmental and food system governance.

You can listen to the recording of the webinar here.

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Text by Michael Schoon/ Upload by Amanda Manyani