EVENT: Summer School: Forests and Landscapes 2023
Case Studies in Sustainability of Forest Governance and Management

11-16 September 2023 | Institute of Geography, University of Bern, 3012 Bern

Host: Land Systems and Sustainable Land Management Unit

Forests are under immense pressure from anthropogenic exploitation and degradation as well as environmental and climate change. The resulting changes have dire consequences for the ecological integrity of forests and for the resilience of dependent livelihoods. There is thus a need to facilitate interdisciplinary research and cross-case learning focused on how governance and management strategies can secure forest sustainability. Accordingly, this summer school aims to enhance our understanding of the sustainability of forest governance, management, and use.

It addresses the following questions: How can progress toward sustainability be achieved from the perspectives of biodiversity and environmental justice and tracked through science-based criteria and indicators? What emerging questions must be addressed to progress toward sustainable forest governance, management, and use?

This summer school will facilitate cross-case learning on sustainability and enable participants to:

  • gain a deeper understanding of different governance and management strategies
    influencing sustainable forest outcomes.
  • identify, develop, or improve (existing) frameworks or indicators for measuring progress
    towards sustainable forest use.

The call for applications is open until 21 August 2023.

More information can be found in PDF on this page. Apply here for the Summer School.

Text by the Institute of Geography, University of Bern/ Upload by Johanna Hofmann