Vision and Goals

PECS vision is a world where human actions have transformed to achieve sustainable stewardship of social–ecological systems.

The goal of PECS is to generate the scientific and policy-relevant knowledge of social ecological dynamics needed to enable such a shift, including mitigation of poverty.


The principal approach of PECS research is comparisons of place-based, long-term social–ecological case studies.

Specific case studies fall into one of the PECS working groups or endorsed research projects. PECS research considers a diverse source of information (including narratives, qualitative and quantitative data, historical records, monitoring data and remote sensing) and employs a wide range of methods. PECS aims to contribute to building a central database of the transdisciplinary methods employed in different case studies across the world and the research questions they attempt to answer. Capacity building strategies include training workshops on core methods for place-based, long-term social-ecological research.

Photo: Andre Maslennikov/Azote