PECS-III – New deadline for Innovative Sessions and Oral Symposia submissions

Innovative Sessions and Organised Oral Symposia

Due to the large interest shown by our larger community in contributing to the PECS-III conference (and by popular demand!), the organising committee has decided to grant a one-week deadline extension for the submission of oral symposia and innovative sessions. The new deadline will be on Wednesday, 22 November 2023, 23:59pm Eastern Standard Time. We aim to communicate results by the 22nd of December 2023. As a result of the shift, contributed abstracts and posters will open on 23 November 2023. All the information and submission forms can be found on the event website.

Innovative Sessions have been a much-loved feature of past PECS conferences, and a key ingredient for ensuring that our conferences are unique and diverse. Innovative Sessions are 90 minutes long, and have a format different from the typical set of talks and discussions presented in a symposium. At previous conferences, these sessions included workshops, game-playing, scenarios and role playing, debates, fishbowls, and diverse and engaging dialog and discussion sessions, but we encourage any format designed to advance and share knowledge along the conference themes. Please note that we require a minimum of three co-organisers or presenters (including the lead organiser) in each Innovative Session to provide ample opportunities for conference participation from attending delegates.

Organised Oral Symposia are a set of contributed talks on a particular topic and provide an opportunity to explore these topics through different perspectives. All contributors are directly invited by the session organiser, who can design the format of the session. Symposia should have a broad enough appeal to generate large audiences and be more explicitly integrated than contributed sessions. We encourage these sessions to have a clear and strong synthesis and message building to a well-integrated whole; they should not be a set of somewhat related talks.

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