Nature-based transformations: Evolving human-nature interactions under changing climate

From March 21 to 24, 2023, the PECS working group on ‘Nature-based transformations: Evolving human-nature interactions under changing climate’ organized a workshop, which was also the 7th meeting of the TARA network (Transformative Adaptation Research Alliance).

Workshop discussions focused on the co-production of nature-based transformations and the analysis of values, rules, and knowledge at play in decisions on transformation. Participants compared several place-based cases to put their conceptual discussions into perspective.

The workshop was organized in an old monastery in the Drôme Valley of France (Monastère de Sainte Croix). Participants spent one day on a field trip to discover exemplary cases of transformation in the region (Vercors, Drôme Valley). The exchanges with stakeholders in the region demonstrated the strong sense of connection between nature and humans and among humans that makes the identity of the place and plays an important role in transformation processes.

Text and pictures by Bruno Locatelli/ Upload by Johanna Hofmann

Participants of the workshop
Picture by Bruno Locatelli
Impressions of the workshop