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ARTICLE: Cities: build networks and share plans to emerge stronger from COVID-19

Covid-19 challenged and continues to challenge ‘normal life’ as we are used to, while simultaneously revealing problematic aspects of human urban settings. Bai et al. (2020) address some of these challenges in their recently published comment in Nature.

ARTICLE: Cities: build networks and share plans to emerge stronger from COVID-192020-09-01T16:18:34+02:00


PlanSmart Exploring innovative approaches for planning and implementing nature-based solutions in river basins The objective of the PlanSmart research group is to explore innovative [...]


Yahara Watershed

Water Sustainability and Climate in the Yahara Watershed Agricultural watersheds of central North America face several challenges to social-ecological resilience: climate is warming, precipitation is [...]

Yahara Watershed2020-06-15T08:44:34+02:00


WaterSES Water scarcity and governance across Social-Ecological Systems (WaterSES). WaterSES is an endorsed project within the Program on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS). PECS [...]



TERRECO The complex TERRain and ECOlogical heterogeneity project (TERRECO) is a Korean and German university graduate training program, which has a social-ecological systems approach. It [...]


Sustainable Land Management

Sustainable Land Management In November 2010, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched the collaborative research programme Sustainable Land Management. Using transdisciplinary [...]

Sustainable Land Management2020-06-15T08:43:05+02:00


SPACES SPACES is a new ESPA funded project aiming to empirically test and understand the complex relationship between ecosystem services and the wellbeing of the [...]



SESyP Identifying social-ecological properties benefiting biodiversity and food security. The project goal is to develop and test a global theory that explains which properties of [...]

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