CALL FOR INPUTS: By the Katowice Committee of Experts on the Impacts of the Implementation Response Measures

The Katowice Committee of Experts invites experts, practitioners and relevant institutions to submit inputs on the two activities below:

  1. Exploring approaches to inform the development and implementation of climate change mitigation strategies, plans, policies, and programmes that maximize the positive and minimize the negative impacts of response measures
  2. Enhancing the capacity and understanding of Parties, through collaboration and input from stakeholders, on the assessment and analysis of the impacts of the implementation of response measures to facilitate the undertaking of economic diversification and transformation and just transition

Submissions can be sent to before September 25th on:

  • Potential knowledge products and case studies related to the activities that could inform the work of the KCI
  • Potential stakeholder that could collaborate with the KCI on implementing these two activities

For further information please visit