Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa

The Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa is a consortium of researchers from 20 institutions in Africa, Europe and America undertaking a major ESPA-funded programme to advance understanding of the connections between disease and environment in Africa.

The focus is animal-to-human disease transmission and the objective is to help move people out of poverty and promote social justice.

Global and national policy players are now starting to emphasise the importance of once-neglected zoonoses, and there is massive demand for integrated ‘One Health’ approaches to control them. However, there are significant gaps in the evidence base needed to inform the One Health movement and to enable them to work for the poor. Drivers of Disease will provide substantial evidence to fill these gaps, and will generate vital new knowledge on the impacts of ecosystem change, ecology and the interactions between humans, animals and ecosystems on disease exposure, transmission and emergence. It will also deliver new understanding, measures and models of both disease epidemiology and poverty impacts.

Photo: Simon Edman/Azote




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