Nature and Society (INBO)

The research group Nature & Society is an interdisciplinary research team within the Division ‘Management and sustainable use’ of the Research Institute of Nature and Forest (INBO).

INBO is a policy-supporting research institute, all research results should be relevant for policy makers and area managers. The research group focuses on socio-economic and policy aspects of nature and nature management, such as: perceptions of nature and landscapes, demand assessment for ecosystem services, trade-offs between ecosystem services and/or nature values, relation between nature and well-being & health, management of conflict species. Our spatial focus lies on rural and riverine areas, as well as (peri)-urban systems. The research group Nature & Society addresses multifunctional land-use within practice-oriented contexts. Therefore, our group works mainly with concrete local projects which are approached as integrated social-ecological systems. This requires engaging in participatory stakeholder processes and inter- & transdisciplinary methods.

Contact person

Sander Jacobs

Photo: Marc Ryckaert/Wikipedia Commons




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