The NSERC ResNet Strategic Network is a transdisciplinary, community-engaged research programme dedicated to improving the monitoring, modeling and managing of  ecosystem services in Canada. Its main goal is to promote sustainability and resilience based on understanding, valuing and respecting nature’s contribution to human well-being.

ResNet is committed uniting stakeholders to foster sustainable landscape management that will ensure resilient, diverse and adaptive social-ecological systems. The network operates at the interface of data collection and knowledge production which builds the essence of evidence-based management of working landscapes for multiple ecosystem services. In general. ResNet’s work is built around three key themes that synthesize across empirical work done in six core land- and seascapes.

Key themes

  1. Mapping the decision-space for ecosystem services
  2. Modelling ecosystem service provision and demand
  3. Monitoring natural capital for the provision of ecosystem services

ResNet is a collaboration of academics,  industry, government, NGO, and Indigenous partners investigating the provision, modeling, and governance of multiple ecosystem services.

Ultimately, ResNet will develop new tools to help to steward multiple ecosystem services  at multiple scales, including an Ecosystem Services Observation Network for Canada (ESON-C) and guide governance actions and decision-making processes in complex, social-ecological systems 


The network is constituted of six teams representing a particular landscape, a team per key theme incorporating the data by the landscapes teams, and a synthesis team overseeing the network’s efforts and development. Overall, these teams are embedded in a governance structure of different advising organs, coordinated by Scientific Director Elena Bennett and Deputy Science Director Klara Winkler.

ResNet is funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC),  and by our many partner organizations, including Agriculture and Agrifoods Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, ALCES, ApexRMS, Future Earth, IBM, and many regional partners, with support from respective Universities.



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