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SEEN The project on social-ecological dynamics of ecosystem services in the Norrström basin (SEEN) will explore the dynamics that contribute to the reliable production of [...]



SAPECS Southern African Program on Ecosystem Change and Society (SAPECS) is being developed as a transdisciplinary regional research program that aims to advance stewardship of [...]



REPICORE The Pacific Islands are a region where societies are closely linked to the coral reef ecosystems surrounding them. At the same time, the region’s [...]



NewTIMES Reconciling timber management with multiple ecosystem services and stakeholders’ views in Durango, Mexico. This project focuses on the Southern Durango region in Mexico. Historically, [...]


Nature and Society (INBO)

Nature and Society (INBO) The research group Nature & Society is an interdisciplinary research team within the Division ‘Management and sustainable use’ of the Research [...]

Nature and Society (INBO)2019-11-21T16:42:28+02:00

Monteregie Connection

Monteregie Connection This project focuses on the Montérégie, an administrative region of Québec stretching from the US-Canada border north to the St Lawrence River. Home [...]

Monteregie Connection2021-02-04T19:34:18+02:00


MigSoKo Human migration and global environmental change: A vicious cycle? MigSoKo is a junior research group co-funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research [...]


Landscape Futures

Landscape Futures Landscape Futures will implement a transdisciplinary research agenda to foster sustainable development in Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on ancient agricultural landscapes in [...]

Landscape Futures2020-09-16T17:03:39+02:00


HERCULES The HERCULES (“Sustainable futures for Europe’s HERitage in CULtural landscapES”) project strives for the empowerment of public and private actors to protect, manage, and [...]


Helge Å

Helge Å Managing bundles of ecosystem services with multiple users in Helge å catchment The goal of this project is to contribute knowledge that will [...]

Helge Å2020-09-16T17:04:38+02:00
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